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Why Use a Fractal in Your Product or Surface Design?

benefits of using fractals in your design layoutOur fractal art designs offer a powerful way for your product to stand out on store shelves, and provide a fresh alternative to the wine, food, coffee, children, beach, and pet imagery so widely available for product and surface design use. With lively color, edge to edge design, and a square or 3:4 aspect ratio, they are perfect for publishing as fine art prints or book covers, and for use in surface design or printing on a variety of manufactured or retail goods, including jigsaw puzzles, paper products and stationery, home decor, clothing and apparel, and more.

Our images provide a way for you to inject a unique and distinctive edge into your product line. To date, they have been licensed for:
  • calendars
  • greeting cards
  • high-resolution colour prints for framing
  • book, magazine, & catalog covers & illustrations
  • brochure design elements and backgrounds
  • web design templates
  • buttons, magnets, mugs, and mousepads
  • coasters and ceramic tile
  • tee shirts and tote bags
  • business cards
  • Xbox and iPod skins

Fractals As Graphic Design Element

For graphic designers, fractals offer a way to incorporate abstract themes into a design. They provide a powerful way to convey mood and emotion ranging from joy to despair, and offer the ability to communicate your message in a subtle, subconscious fashion that's less direct and obvious than photos or clip art. A fractal can  function as design centerpiece or as a repeating visual signpost (mandalas are great for this!), and they come in a dazzling array of hues, offering something for every color scheme from low-key designs on black and white backgrounds to brilliant, vivid layouts.

Fractals contain shapes and colors that are strongly evocative of certain seasons and of holidays and celebrations like Christmas or July 4th. Many have an edgy space or sci-fi feel, perfect for science fiction book covers or futuristic layouts. Some contain strongly iconic visual elements like hearts, rainbows, and crosses, great for holiday-themed designs. Others reference natural and organic motifs, providing a visual metaphor for everything from plants and flowers to butterflies and seashells.