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Fractal Art for Licensing on
Calendars and Pocket Planners

art for licensing on calendars
To view the screenshot above in more detail, please click on the image, then zoom in again. This gallery contains a small sampling of our many designs that will reproduce beautifully in a wall calendar or pocket planner format. Scroll down to view some samples, or visit our entire portfolio for more ideas. Many of these images feature lively color, edge to edge design, and a square or 3:4 aspect ratio. Rendered at 300 dpi, the fractal detail in these images reproduces beautifully in print, and the beauty and complexity of their design is sure to be eye-catching. Please feel free to browse our entire portfolio for additional ideas. To discuss your art licensing or product development requirements, please contact us at sales@fractallicious.com. We welcome enquiries regarding a single image or sets of twelve.

This autumn-themed fractal in yellow, gold, and orange evokes fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and pumpkins. A tight green spiral unfurls into the orange and yellow of dawn from the top right corner of this image, offering a new way to evoke spring or early summer themes. Fiddleheads, ripe corn, the promise of spring or the bounty of summer. This blue and white fractal is strongly suggestive of snowflakes, ice crystals, and the crisp cold of winter.
The Ripening
Ice Flake
A string of brilliant red hearts parades gaily against a white background containing delicate spiderplant tendrils.  A novel way to celebrate Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, of any time you need to say This whirl of clock faces against a motion blur suggests speed, stress, and the pressure of schedules and appointments. What a great image for a puzzle! In this very feminine fractal, a delicate iridescent pink spiral swirls against a mosaic tile background in shades of pink, blue, magenta and purple. Great for a puzzle or textile design.
Vinehearts with Spiderplants
Time Flies When You're Having Fun
In this surreal image, a glowing sphere floats against a blue sky and rippled water, reflecting the colorful rainbow balls that swirl in the background. With a spooky fall moon and black creepers and vines against an orange sky, this delicate fractal is perfect for fall or Halloween. Creepy! With green textured leaves and red tendrils, this fractal flower is strangely suggestive of a Christmas cactus or exotic poinsettia.
Rainbow Sphere on Blue Lake
Spooky Moon
Christmas Cactus
A rainbow of bright primary colors spirals into the center of this image, which features strong angular lines and a fractured sense of fragmentation. You can almost feel it — a calm summer evening at the cottage on a strangely alien lake. Deep glowing reds, oranges, and blues add to the effect of languid warmth. These red, white, and blue streamers against a blue sky have a festive, celebratory tone, offering a fresh way to celebrate July 4th.
Fractured Rainbow Too
Sunset on the Water Planet
Fourth of July