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Contemporary Art for Licensing on Wall Murals

art for licensing on wall murals

To view the screenshot above in more detail, please click on the image, then zoom in again. Scroll down for a small sampling of designs we think would make outstanding wall murals. Featuring lively color, stunning design, and an otherworldly feel, these images will open customer homes onto unique vistas that offer a refreshing change from the standard pastoral and beach scenes. They make a bold decor statement for residential and commercial spaces alike, and may be available for licensing as fine art prints as well. They feature lively color, edge to edge design, and a square or 3:4 aspect ratio. Rendered at 300 dpi, the fractal detail in these images reproduces beautifully, and the unearthly beauty in these designs is sure to cause a buzz. Please feel free to browse our entire portfolio for additional ideas. To discuss your art licensing or product development requirements, please contact us at sales@fractallicious.com.

Lightning-like trails, a mysterious floating ball, and an eerie red glow over a dark blue lake at night give this image a strange, alien feel. Great for a sci-fi theme! A rainbow ball hovers before a blue sky, while a rainbow striped tail loops repeatedly out of a watery foreground in this lively image. A red planet floats against a cosmic background, in this sci-fi themed fractal image. There's even a black hole!
Strange Lights on the Lake
Rainbow Ball with Tail
Rain on Pluto
A marble-like blue orb floats before an intricate curved matrix evocative of an interstellar world or space city. Great sci-fi book cover! In this surreal image, a glowing sphere floats against a blue sky and rippled water, reflecting the colorful rainbow balls that swirl in the background. You can almost feel it — a calm summer evening at the cottage on a strangely alien lake. Deep glowing reds, oranges, and blues add to the effect of languid warmth.
Interstellar City
Rainbow Sphere on Blue Lake
Sunset on the Water Planet
Calm and serene, this abstract fractal in shades of red, orange, and yellow resembles a glowing alien sunset over a tranquil lake. Another surreal balloon image. Here, a bevy of rainbow color balls are suspended over a tranquil lake, floating down to reflect in the rippled water. In this abstract fractal, a glass ball floats over a calm body of water reflecting electrifying light patterns from the sky behind. Shades of deep blue, red, orange, and yellow evoke a calm summer evening.
Balloon Festival at the Lake
Sunset Ball