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Tiled Repeats for Licensing on
Wallpaper & Wall Coverings

Here, you'll find some suggested swatches for use in the design and manufacture of wallpaper and wall coverings. Simply tile these ready to use designs for gorgeous print results. And don't miss our mural suggestions, for a truly eye-popping wall treatment alternative. Rendered at 300 dpi, fractal detail reproduces beautifully in print, and the beauty of these designs is sure to help your products stand out and bring pleasure to the homeowners who buy them. Please feel free to browse our entire portfolio for more ideas. To discuss your art licensing or product development requirements, please contact us at sales@fractallicious.com.

This low-key, monochrome design in brown and gold is made from our Almond Spiral fractal. Tile it for giftwrap, wallpaper, or textile designs. This delicate kaleidoscopic swatch in black and white, with just a touch of red, was made from our Space Port fractal. It has a starburst pattern and a slightly Moorish feel. Tile it for giftwrap, wallpaper, or textile designs. This kaleidoscopic background pattern, in soft shades of blue and pink, has a delicate, ribbony, smocked feel and was made from our Bioluminescence fractal.  It would be great for giftwrap or wallpaper!
Almond Spiral Swatch 1
Space Port Swatch 1
Bioluminescence Swatch 1
This simple repeating starburst background pattern has a retro feel and was made from our Thingie fractal. It would make a great giftwrap, wallpaper, fabric or textile design. This daisy-like blue floral background pattern was made from our <em>Seed Pearls</em> fractal. Tile it for giftwrap, wallpaper, or fabric or textile designs. In a soft, pink feminine palette and a simple repeating star design, this kaleidoscopic swatch has a retro fifties feel. It was made from our <em>Martian Chronicles</em> fractal. Tile it for giftwrap, wallpaper, or textile designs.
Thingie Swatch 1
Seed Pearls Swatch 1
Martian Chronicles Swatch 1