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Modern Art for Licensing on Greeting Cards, Notecards & Postcards

art for licensing on greeting cards, note cards, and postcards

To view the screenshot above in more detail, please click on the image, then zoom in again. Or scroll down to view a sampling of our many designs that we think would make outstanding greeting cards, note cards, and/or postcards. Our round mandalas feature pleasing radial symmetry and offer great possibilities for cards and tags, as do our floral, holiday, seasonal, romance and rainbow designs. Fractal detail reproduces beautifully in print, and the beauty and complexity of these designs will make them stand out on customer shelves.  Please feel free to browse our entire portfolio for more ideas. To discuss your art licensing or product development requirements, please contact us at sales@fractallicious.com.  

The strong colors and menorah shape of this cup-shaped vertical rainbow curve creates a striking image for Jewish holidays or other special occasions. Here's a tidy little set of cascading rainbow hearts for your next Pride Event or special day! A sequence of perfect little hearts, in lively rainbow stripes, forms a neat spiral against a white background. Great logo for a gay pride event or organization!
Queen of Cups
Rainbow Heartfall
Rainbow Heart Wheel
This upbeat floral image in red, orange, and yellow has a flower or daisy motif, great warmth, and a slightly asian feel. You may see Manga or Anime motifs here, or even a stylized airplane propeller or two! The sweeping heart-shaped arch created by the rainbow colors in this image provides a strong design element and a powerful way to convey love and romance. This mandala contains a soft floral motif in tones of blue, purple, cyan, and magenta, and is made from our <em>Chiffon Nautilus</em> fractal. Great emblem for a massage therapist or other health practitioner!
Bubble Blooms
Jack of Hearts
Chiffon Nautilus Mandala One
The pastel color palette and balloons and streamer motif give this image a festive, party feel. These delicate hearts on a soft pink background are connected by red banners or streamers, and offer a gentle way to convey love and romance. Use it for Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, or any time In this surreal image, a glowing sphere floats against a blue sky and rippled water, reflecting the colorful rainbow balls that swirl in the background.
Party Time
Pinwheel Valentine
Rainbow Sphere on Blue Lake
In a frenzied proliferation of crazy zigzag lines that is the very definition of chaos, a kind of wild, manic energy permeates this image. A glowing 3D sphere or marble sits before a patterned background with an asian or chinese feel. Curls of metallic pink flowers and blue lightning bolts against a soft pink background contrast with the sharp spiky object in the foreground. Even the prettiest flowers have thorns.
Kimono With Ball
Always a Bridesmaid
This blue and white fractal is strongly suggestive of snowflakes, ice crystals, and the crisp cold of winter. Golden spirals shaped like french horns float against a blue and magenta background, in this abstract fractal image with a musical feel. A string of brilliant red hearts parades gaily against a white background containing delicate spiderplant tendrils.  A novel way to celebrate Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, of any time you need to say
Ice Flake
Symphony in C# Minor
Vinehearts with Spiderplants
A gently rounded bezier curve contrasts with sharp, jagged starburst lines in this low-key image in neutral golds, greys, beiges, and soft purples. A great fractal for a puzzle or textiles. In this very feminine fractal, a delicate iridescent pink spiral swirls against a mosaic tile background in shades of pink, blue, magenta and purple. Great for a puzzle or textile design. With green textured leaves and red tendrils, this fractal flower is strangely suggestive of a Christmas cactus or exotic poinsettia.
Bezier Two
Christmas Cactus
In this whimsical fractal, spirals of striped pumpkin balls in the orange and gold of autumn are dusted by frost, suggesting the nip of fall in the air. A Halloween alternative to ghosts and goblins. You can almost feel it — a calm summer evening at the cottage on a strangely alien lake. Deep glowing reds, oranges, and blues add to the effect of languid warmth. With orange, yellow, and blue fire colors, this bright flame flickers with a life of its own. On a plain black background, it is a light in the darkness.
A Touch of Frost
Sunset on the Water Planet
Flame Two
This white fractal cross against a blue sky emanates rays of light and can be used to communicate religious faith or a calm, tranquil meditative state. These red and white streamers over blue water have a festive, celebratory tone, and would make a great backdrop for a July 4th or a Canada Day layout. Lots of room for your content. For some, this wreath of fractal twigs suggests a crown of thorns or other Christian icons. Others just see the stark bare branches and grey and white of winter.
Sacred Three
Phoenix Spirals
Thornbush on White
Calm and serene, this abstract fractal in shades of red, orange, and yellow resembles a glowing alien sunset over a tranquil lake. This distinctive fractal mandala has strong radial symmetry, a bull horn motif, and just a hint of the esoteric. Spirals of translucent pearly spheres unfurl, like ferns or peapods, against a a deep black background. Yet again, fractal art emulates the natural world!
Symphony in C# Major Mandala
Pearl Curls
A delicate multi-armed satellite orbits a glowing red sphere set against a deep orange sky, in this sci-fi image strongly evocative of a space station. Convey love and romance with this dramatic heart shape, draped in scarf-like veils of blue, purple, magenta, and red, against a pure white background. This bold red heart on a black background offers a powerful way to convey love and romance. Use it for Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, of any time you need to say
Heartache in White
Have a Heart
Shades of blue and cyan on a white background evoke a cold heart or frozen passion. For those times when love's a little prickly. This abstract fractal image with bright rainbow hues and a butterfly motif has strong cartoon elements and an upbeat, happy feel. This mandala-like fractal daisy has strong radial symmetry and translucent magenta petals around a glowing violet center.
Ice Heart
Fractal Daisy
This lovely fractal contains sweeping radial curves strongly suggestive of flower petals, such as lilies or violets. This white fractal cross against a blue starry sky can be used to communicate religious faith or a calm, tranquil meditative state. All the colors of the rainbow mingle in this fractal potpourri, which resembles a casual scattering of flower petals, angel wings, or, perhaps, a tissue paper collage.
Lily Montage
Sacred Two
This beautiful unraveling fractal ribbon, in delicate tones of purple, blue, cyan, and magenta, resembles a rose or flower in bloom. Primary colors in a rainbow spiral of confetti and tinsel, suggesting fun, joy, and celebration. This design is perfect for a puzzle, gift wrap, or a birthday theme. Named for the formula used to create it, this deep blue fractal was made by iterating a branching tree formula inside a circle, for a very mandala-like effect.
Fractal Rose
Happy Birthday
Barnsley Tessellation Three
This pretty fractal mandala has a floral motif, delicate pastel spring colors, marked by tones of blue, green, cyan and yellow. This would make a lovely logo for a massage therapist or other health practitioner. This abstract fractal mandala is strongly evocative of Jewish and Hebrew iconography, offering an unusual way to mark dates and holidays important to Judaism. This delicate mandala in blue and white has the feel of porcelain and is made from our Interstellar City fractal.
Chiffon Nautilus Mandala Two
Moses Mandala
Interstellar City Mandala One