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art for licensing on book covers and illustrations
To view the screenshot above in more detail, please click on the image, then zoom in again. This gallery contains a small sampling of our many designs that we think would make spectacular book covers or illustrations. Scroll down to view some samples, or click the links above for samples of images we think are especially suitable for specific types of books. These highly evocative designs offer a novel way to illustrate abstract concepts, especially sci-fi, technical, spiritual, metaphysical, or health and wellness themed material. Rendered at 300 dpi, the fractal detail in these images reproduces beautifully in print, and the compelling beauty of their design is sure to help any book stand out on crowded store shelves. Please feel free to browse our entire portfolio for additional ideas. To discuss your art licensing or product development requirements, please contact us at sales@fractallicious.com.

Lightning-like trails, a mysterious floating ball, and an eerie red glow over a dark blue lake at night give this image a strange, alien feel. Great for a sci-fi theme! This pastel rainbow starburst against a blue sky seems to evoke the divine. Use it to communicate religious faith in a less traditional way. This mandala contains a soft floral motif in tones of blue, purple, cyan, and magenta, and is made from our <em>Chiffon Nautilus</em> fractal. Great emblem for a massage therapist or other health practitioner!
Strange Lights on the Lake
Divine Spark Three
Chiffon Nautilus Mandala One
A lovely woven ribbon mandala shape, in shades of pale blue, floats against a deep blue background. A calm monochromatic design that invites meditation. This delightful spiral in reds, yellows, and orange resembles the results of the popular children's pastime with pen, paper, and little round gear shaped discs. What kid didn't love spirograph! This monochromatic blue design features a criss-cross matrix and a welter of transparent bubbles. An underwater scene or deep space? In either case, it would present a fabulous puzzle challenge!
Spryo Gyro
Named for the fractal formula that creates these round cranial shapes, and their tree-branching behaviour, this image features bold reds and blues. A red planet floats against a cosmic background, in this sci-fi themed fractal image. There's even a black hole! A marble-like blue orb floats before an intricate curved matrix evocative of an interstellar world or space city. Great sci-fi book cover!
Rain on Pluto
Interstellar City
You can almost feel it — a calm summer evening at the cottage on a strangely alien lake. Deep glowing reds, oranges, and blues add to the effect of languid warmth. With orange, yellow, and blue fire colors, this bright flame flickers with a life of its own. On a plain black background, it is a light in the darkness. A glowing trail of shooting stars, in a purple haze, streaks across the night sky in this popular sci-fi image.
Sunset on the Water Planet
Flame Two
Shooting Stars
A glowing round blue and green sphere floats against a deep black sky, giving this image a mystical, meditative quality. Calm and serene, this abstract fractal in shades of red, orange, and yellow resembles a glowing alien sunset over a tranquil lake. Streamers of orange, blue, and purple emanate from a mesmerizing black hole, in this image evocative of a gas cloud or energy field. Great for sci-fi themes!
Blue Planet
Gas Cloud
A delicate multi-armed satellite orbits a glowing red sphere set against a deep orange sky, in this sci-fi image strongly evocative of a space station. This dynamic fractal mandala with shades of blue, cyan, gold, beige, and brown is suggestive of the night sky and mysticism. This distinctive fractal mandala has strong radial symmetry, a bull horn motif, and just a hint of the esoteric.
Buttons Mandala on Black
Symphony in C# Major Mandala
A mystical alien door or gateway beckons in the distance, over a tranquil lake, while electric currents hum and sing in the air. In this abstract fractal, a glass ball floats over a calm body of water reflecting electrifying light patterns from the sky behind. Shades of deep blue, red, orange, and yellow evoke a calm summer evening. Named for the form of chaos theory known as Brownian Motion, this fractal is full of earth tones and chaotic elements. For some, it might have sci-fi overtones; for others, it may connote dark moods and emotional turmoil.
Sunset Ball
Brownian Cosmos
This white fractal cross against a blue starry sky can be used to communicate religious faith or a calm, tranquil meditative state. A delicate 3D stencil silhouette spirals into the center of the image, against a muted green, gold and purple, background. Swirling spiral galaxies in cyan, magenta, yellow, and orange make this image great for illustrating space or sci-fi themes!
Sacred Two
Spiral Galaxy
Blue and white sparks hiss and crackle in this fractal suggestive of an energy field, electrical storm, or lightning. You can almost feel the power! This abstract fractal image features a strong central spiral and is evocative of ribbons of white and milk chocolate. This vibrant blue and purple mandala is made from our Symphony in C# Minor fractal. It contains a delicate lacy edge effect around a strong central brass ring containing a six-pointed star.
Chocolate Ribbons
Symphony in C# Minor Mandala Three
This abstract fractal mandala is strongly evocative of Jewish and Hebrew iconography, offering an unusual way to mark dates and holidays important to Judaism. This pretty fractal mandala has a floral motif, delicate pastel spring colors, marked by tones of blue, green, cyan and yellow. This would make a lovely logo for a massage therapist or other health practitioner.
Moses Mandala
Chiffon Nautilus Mandala Two