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Romantic Love, Modern Art Prints, Greeting Cards, Art for Licensing: Hearts, Love and Romance

Tired of Cupid and cornball clipart? The sensual curves, swirls, and arcs found in fractal art often seem to emulate heart shapes found in nature. Think of bleeding hearts or dutchman's breeches, then have a look at the images here. Perhaps you'll find one that's just perfect for Valentine's Day, or for that tricky design layout that needs to convey themes of love, romance, or passion without seeming hackneyed. Fractal hearts offer a fresh way to say "I love you." This gallery provides a sampling of the dozens of images that we have available. To view an image, click on its thumbnail. For more information or to discuss your art licensing or product development requirements, please contact us at sales@fractallicious.com.

Convey love and romance with this dramatic heart shape, draped in scarf-like veils of blue, purple, magenta, and red, against a pure white background. A string of brilliant red hearts parades gaily against a white background containing delicate spiderplant tendrils.  A novel way to celebrate Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, of any time you need to say Here's a tidy little set of cascading rainbow hearts for your next Pride Event or special day!
Heartache in White
Vinehearts with Spiderplants
Rainbow Heartfall
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