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Modern Art for Licensing on Jigsaw Puzzles & Games

Note: images may be rendered at any size with no loss of quality!

art for licensing on jigsaw puzzles
To view the screenshot above in more detail, please click on the image, then zoom in again. This gallery contains a small sampling of images we feel are especially suited for jigsaw puzzle use. Scroll down to view them all, or click the links above to view by size and shape. We are confident that the artwork we're showcasing here will challenge even the most ardent puzzler. These images contain especially fine detail and intricate designs, making them well suited for jigsaw puzzle use. Fractal detail reproduces beautifully in print, and these designs will stand out on store shelves crowded with photos and fine art reproductions. Please feel free to browse our entire portfolio for more ideas. To discuss your art licensing or product development requirements, please contact us at sales@fractallicious.com.

A swirl of pinwheels in monochrome cyan spiral into this fractal, in an effect evocative of Sixties-style op art and optical illusions. With a spooky fall moon and black creepers and vines against an orange sky, this delicate fractal is perfect for fall or Halloween. Creepy! These wispy, moss-like strands against a pink and purple background evoke carpets of violets, ladyslippers, cyclamen, and other spring flowers.
Mrs. Peel
Spooky Moon
Sphagnum Potpourri
In this abstract fractal artwork, a series of undulating rainbow waves cascades over an aquatic background. An elegant spiral of grey pearly spheres intersects with a blood red background containing wave after wave of polka dots. This reflective puddle in brown, green, and yellow looks like spilled oil or water on a slick vinyl tablecloth, or maybe a record jacket from the jazz era.
Bebop Puddle
In a frenzied proliferation of crazy zigzag lines that is the very definition of chaos, a kind of wild, manic energy permeates this image. This crosshatch of angry red and grey lines going nowhere suggests stress, frustration, and the pressure of schedules and being trapped in the rat race. What you see in this string of starbursts against a purple sky depends on your perspective — the big bang in the empty reaches of space, a violently explosive fireworks display, a cartoon-like POW! effect, or ... ?
Rush Hour
This simple textured background, with its repeating cube pattern, is reminiscent of light hitting wet ice cubes or, perhaps, a wall of glass bricks or blocks. Curls of metallic pink flowers and blue lightning bolts against a soft pink background contrast with the sharp spiky object in the foreground. Even the prettiest flowers have thorns. The blue wavy background gives this abstract image a strong marine feel, and the spirals of bronze shields suggest antiquity. Who else could it be but the Greek god of the sea?
Ice Cubes
Always a Bridesmaid
Poseidon's Army
Bold black and white lines orbit a cluster of golden spheres, suggesting the frenetic activity of excited protons, electrons, and atoms. This delicate, lacy kaleidoscope, in rich blues and oranges, evokes a fiery sunset and has a moorish feel. Great subject for a jigsaw puzzle! This monochromatic blue design features a criss-cross matrix and a welter of transparent bubbles. An underwater scene or deep space? In either case, it would present a fabulous puzzle challenge!
Agitated Molecules
Fire in the Sky
Spryo Gyro
Named for the fractal formula that creates these round cranial shapes, and their tree-branching behaviour, this image features bold reds and blues. This blue and white fractal is strongly suggestive of snowflakes, ice crystals, and the crisp cold of winter. This swarm of pinwheel shaped butterflies displays a riot of psychedelic color.
Ice Flake
Psychedelic Butterflies
A red planet floats against a cosmic background, in this sci-fi themed fractal image. There's even a black hole! Golden spirals shaped like french horns float against a blue and magenta background, in this abstract fractal image with a musical feel. Translucent strands of beads or pearls in brilliant rainbow colors spiral into the center, and around the edges, of this bold image. Great for pride events!
Rain on Pluto
Symphony in C# Minor
Gift of Pearls
A string of brilliant red hearts parades gaily against a white background containing delicate spiderplant tendrils.  A novel way to celebrate Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, of any time you need to say A marble-like blue orb floats before an intricate curved matrix evocative of an interstellar world or space city. Great sci-fi book cover! In this abstract fractal, a golden spoked wheel rests before a mass of spiky green plants resembling rushes or perhaps yucca. A spring palette with a fractured, jagged edginess.
Vinehearts with Spiderplants
Interstellar City
A gently rounded bezier curve contrasts with sharp, jagged starburst lines in this low-key image in neutral golds, greys, beiges, and soft purples. A great fractal for a puzzle or textiles. This whirl of clock faces against a motion blur suggests speed, stress, and the pressure of schedules and appointments. What a great image for a puzzle! In this very feminine fractal, a delicate iridescent pink spiral swirls against a mosaic tile background in shades of pink, blue, magenta and purple. Great for a puzzle or textile design.
Bezier Two
Time Flies When You're Having Fun
A red and white checkered tablecloth spirals into the center of this lively image, while undulating tendrils spiral out. Great puzzle material! A bracelet-like string of copper rings hovers before a fractured abstract background, in sunrise tones evocative of dawn. Great for puzzle use. A glowing 3D sphere or marble sits before a patterned background with an asian or chinese feel.
Misty Morning
Kimono With Ball
Rainbows of lively color in bright primary hues spiral into the center of this image, which features jagged, zigzag lines and triangle shapes. This colorful swirl of aquatic colors mimics the delicate tails and fins of angelfish or damsel fish. This freaky fellow looks awfully like a druggie version of Da Vinci's <em>Vetruvian Man</em>. Can you spot the head, hands, arms, and legs? Lots of glowing chakras and energy meridians in this image!
Fractured Rainbow
Fractal Vetruvian Man
Named for the Newton formula from which it is derived, this abstract fractal image is replete with lots of dots and undulating waves in bold primary hues of red, yellow, and blue. The rainbow color palette and odd symmetry of this design combine with its concentric ripple effect to suggest oil on water, or — perhaps — a hallucinogenic vision. Named for Sixties counterculture icon and LSD proponent, Timothy Leary. A lovely woven ribbon mandala shape, in shades of pale blue, floats against a deep blue background. A calm monochromatic design that invites meditation.
Psychedelic Newton
Seriously Leary
In this surreal image, a glowing sphere floats against a blue sky and rippled water, reflecting the colorful rainbow balls that swirl in the background. The coiled overlapping planes of this chunky yellow, gold, and blue spiral suggest dawn, dusk, and sunshine. You can almost feel the sun rising on a balmy summer day. The impressionist splashes of blue, red and yellow in this fractal are reminiscent of the swirling colors of a Van Gogh haystack on a sunny summer day. Full of turbulent motion.
Rainbow Sphere on Blue Lake
Fractured Dawn
Vincent on a Sunny Day
Whether you see the fiery pits of hell or anxiety, despair, and depression depends upon your frame of mind. This fractal is full of turbulent movement and turmoil, and the brilliant reds and oranges are evocative of the earth's volcanic processes. Glowing rivers of deep red lava flow from a vortex in the center of this fractal, which could suggest space and sci-fi themes, or the heat and power of volcanic earth processes. Or maybe both! This delightful spiral in reds, yellows, and orange resembles the results of the popular children's pastime with pen, paper, and little round gear shaped discs. What kid didn't love spirograph!
What this fractal lacks in subtlety, it makes up for in vibrant colorl! And its psychedelic feel and A study in green. This spring garden is in full bloom, with a dahlia blossom, coiled pea vine, and a fan shaped spray of satiny palm leaves against a marbled background. This white fractal cross against a blue starry sky can be used to communicate religious faith or a calm, tranquil meditative state.
Primavera Four
Sacred Two
A cluster of brilliant white magnolia blossoms emerges from a dark storm cloud crackling with electricity. Great puzzle possibilities. In this maritime, nature-themed fractal, delicate strands of seaweed and shimmering green aquatic blooms float against a bubbly aerated background. Great fractal for puzzle use. Whether for mardi gras, carnivale, a birthday party, gay pride parade, or other festivals and events, this glorious rainbow evokes a sense of fun and celebration. It's gorgeous printed at high resolution too.
Magnolia Storm
Mardi Gras
Blue and white sparks hiss and crackle in this fractal suggestive of an energy field, electrical storm, or lightning. You can almost feel the power! Have you ever felt like you're being eaten alive? This image, with its swirling spiral of sharks and blood red droplets, comes as close as any we've got to conveying a sense of voracious chaos, threat, and menace. Primary colors in a rainbow spiral of confetti and tinsel, suggesting fun, joy, and celebration. This design is perfect for a puzzle, gift wrap, or a birthday theme.
Feeding Frenzy
Happy Birthday
This abstract fractal image features a strong central spiral and is evocative of ribbons of white and milk chocolate. A delicate 3D stencil silhouette spirals into the center of the image, against a muted green, gold and purple, background. This abstract fractal artwork in metallic shades of blue, magenta, and gold places a cluster of semi-transparent discs against a diagonal blue background.
Chocolate Ribbons
Spore Farm
Ferns or cedar boughs appear against bark or a wood like maple or mahogany in this abstract fractal with naturalistic motifs. This fractal is created with a Popcorn formula, so we named it for the snack food king. The image's orderly four quadrant design in intense cyan and red conflicts with its chaotic content to create a strange sense of restlessness. All the colors of the rainbow mingle in this fractal potpourri, which resembles a casual scattering of flower petals, angel wings, or, perhaps, a tissue paper collage.
Leaftips in Forest
Quadratic Orville
This beautiful unraveling fractal ribbon, in delicate tones of purple, blue, cyan, and magenta, resembles a rose or flower in bloom. This abstract fractal swatch has tropical parrot colors. It was made from our Macaw fractal. Tile it for giftwrap, wallpaper, or textile designs. A pale swarm of fractal butterflies spirals into a patterned background in neutral tones of grey and beige, in this low-key image.
Fractal Rose
Macaw Swatch 5
Swirling spiral galaxies in cyan, magenta, yellow, and orange make this image great for illustrating space or sci-fi themes! This star shaped snowflake is the very epitome of winter with its icy chill and frosty tones of blue and white. Bundle up and pass the hot buttered rum! This pretty fractal mandala has a floral motif, delicate pastel spring colors, marked by tones of blue, green, cyan and yellow. This would make a lovely logo for a massage therapist or other health practitioner.
Spiral Galaxy
Julia Snowflake Four
Chiffon Nautilus Mandala Two
Blue and gold starbursts radiate from the center of this mandala, which has a feel of ancient Egypt, Persia, or other parts of the ancient world. It was made from our Spore Farm fractal. This delicate mandala in blue and white has the feel of porcelain and is made from our Interstellar City fractal. Named for the formula used to create it, this deep blue fractal was made by iterating a branching tree formula inside a circle, for a very mandala-like effect.
Spore Farm Mandala One
Interstellar City Mandala One
Barnsley Tessellation Three
This abstract fractal mandala is strongly evocative of Jewish and Hebrew iconography, offering an unusual way to mark dates and holidays important to Judaism. This lovely mandala in delicate jewel tones has the look of silver filigree jewelry, inset with pearls or precious gems. It was made from our Snake Tubes fractal. Though it's not obvious here, the fractal this mandala is made from, titled Lichens in Love, contains naturalistic themes. The soft green moss-like center, woven through with violet ribbons, make lovely complements both in form and color.
Moses Mandala
Snake Tubes Mandala One
Lichens in Love Mandala One
This vibrant blue and purple mandala is made from our Symphony in C# Minor fractal. It contains a delicate lacy edge effect around a strong central brass ring containing a six-pointed star. Pointed gold spokes emanate from the core of this mandala, which has a deep blue center. Like the other mandalas made from our Spore Farm fractal, it seems to have a feel of ancient Egypt, Persia, or other realms of antiquity.
Symphony in C# Minor Mandala Three
Spore Farm Mandala Two