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Spiritual Art, Modern Art Prints, Posters, Art for Licensing by Mood:Tranquil, Meditative, or Spiritual

Not all of our fractals are busy and colourful. Many contain a subdued color palette and/or visual metaphors that can convey spirit and the divine or a sense of calm, peace, and serenity. When you need to create an atmosphere that's soothing, soft and quiet or suggest a tranquil meditative mood or emotional state, why not consider one of these images? To view an image, click on its thumbnail. For more information or to discuss your art licensing or product development requirements, please contact us at sales@fractallicious.com.

These starburst lights in the night sky could be shooting stars or perhaps an alien intelligence. Great for a logo or packaging. This pastel rainbow starburst against a blue sky seems to evoke the divine. Use it to communicate religious faith in a less traditional way. This starburst in delicate tones of blue and magenta has an ethereal, almost organic feel and a strong sense of movement. It suggests fireworks and celebrations.
Close Encounters
Divine Spark Three
Confetti Star
This mandala contains a soft floral motif in tones of blue, purple, cyan, and magenta, and is made from our <em>Chiffon Nautilus</em> fractal. Great emblem for a massage therapist or other health practitioner! In this very feminine fractal, a delicate iridescent pink spiral swirls against a mosaic tile background in shades of pink, blue, magenta and purple. Great for a puzzle or textile design. A bracelet-like string of copper rings hovers before a fractured abstract background, in sunrise tones evocative of dawn. Great for puzzle use.
Chiffon Nautilus Mandala One
Misty Morning
A lovely woven ribbon mandala shape, in shades of pale blue, floats against a deep blue background. A calm monochromatic design that invites meditation. You can almost feel it — a calm summer evening at the cottage on a strangely alien lake. Deep glowing reds, oranges, and blues add to the effect of languid warmth. With orange, yellow, and blue fire colors, this bright flame flickers with a life of its own. On a plain black background, it is a light in the darkness.
Sunset on the Water Planet
Flame Two
This white fractal cross against a blue sky emanates rays of light and can be used to communicate religious faith or a calm, tranquil meditative state. Translucent and glowing with an inner light, this mesmerizing orange star has a delicate knitted or woven texture and a slightly Moorish feel. Fine white threads give the piece an almost smocked appearance. A glowing round blue and green sphere floats against a deep black sky, giving this image a mystical, meditative quality.
Sacred Three
Zig Zag Star
Blue Planet
Calm and serene, this abstract fractal in shades of red, orange, and yellow resembles a glowing alien sunset over a tranquil lake. A blue sky and wispy clouds float in the distance, while the foreground features an expanse of lake or ocean with ripples. It's not hard to imagine paddling into this scene. Great background for conveying cool and calm. A mystical alien door or gateway beckons in the distance, over a tranquil lake, while electric currents hum and sing in the air.
This white fractal cross against a blue starry sky can be used to communicate religious faith or a calm, tranquil meditative state. This abstract fractal image features a strong central spiral and is evocative of ribbons of white and milk chocolate. This pretty fractal mandala has a floral motif, delicate pastel spring colors, marked by tones of blue, green, cyan and yellow. This would make a lovely logo for a massage therapist or other health practitioner.
Sacred Two
Chocolate Ribbons
Chiffon Nautilus Mandala Two