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Modern Art Prints, Posters, Art for Licensing on Plain Black Backgrounds

If you require abstract art for a design piece, but find some of our fractals too busy, perhaps the plain black backgrounds here are just what you need. They provide a simple clean design with distinctive visual motifs and lots of room for other design elements. Use them as a backdrop for your main message, or to convey a sense of uncluttered space and form. To view an image, click on its thumbnail. For more information or to discuss your art licensing or product development requirements, please contact us at sales@fractallicious.com.

These starburst lights in the night sky could be shooting stars or perhaps an alien intelligence. Great for a logo or packaging. This brilliant spiral of lines and rays in rainbow hues against a deep black background resembles a fringe of eyelashes or a delicate creature. With its strong letter shapes, this unusual fractal image hints at typesetting, typography, and letter forms.
Close Encounters
Rainbow Wink
Hot Type
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