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Monochrome Art Prints, Posters, Art for Licensing in Monochrome Color Schemes

Most of Pam's fractal art features lively designs and bright colours, but this gallery is for people looking for something a little more subdued, in a restrained monochrome palette based on varying tints or shades of a single color. A few of the images here may contain touches of additional colour to add visual interest. To view an image, click on its thumbnail. For more information or to discuss your art licensing or product development requirements, please contact us at sales@fractallicious.com.

In this subtle image, a fractal bow floats above an aquatic scene in shades of teal. Spirals and other details evoke bubbles and the movement of ocean currents. Spiky magenta icicles housing curly spirals creep down over a wavy purple background. A marble-like blue orb floats before an intricate curved matrix evocative of an interstellar world or space city. Great sci-fi book cover!
Spiralling Down
Interstellar City
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