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Abstract Art Prints, Posters, Art Prints, Posters, Art for Licensing by Style: Soft and Delicate

Sometimes you just want a soft touch. The images in this gallery contain lines and shapes that are soft, wispy, or feathery with a fragile and delicate feel. Use them to convey a soft, subdued tone or to give your work a gauzy sheer gossamer feeling. To view an image, click on its thumbnail. For more information or to discuss your art licensing or product development requirements, please contact us at sales@fractallicious.com.

Glowing pink and mauve pearls float against a swirly pink gossamer background. This wreath-shaped abstract fractal is suggestive of a star or snowflake made of twigs or branches. Its cold winter chill makes for a great solstice symbol. This abstract fractal, in delicate tones of blue, gold, and purple, resembles the time exposure light trails you see when you leave your camera shutter open a long time.
Pearl Nest
Happy Solstice
Time Exposure
This abstract fractal has a soft, delicate feel. It resembles a pansy, cornflower, or other flower but evokes a cold, icy feel. The almost photographic feel, along with the iridescent hue and greasy sheen of this abstract fractal, suggests an oil slick or soap bubble. Arcs of blue, violet, and magenta light loop and crackle against black space in this high energy fractal. Electrical storm or black hole? You decide.
Deep Freeze on White
Oil Slick
Blue Lightning
This red and green fractal flower is unlike any blossom you're likely to see in the real world, but is strongly evocative of the Christmas or holiday season. This delicate blue and yellow blossom strongly resembles a day lily, violet, or orchid, but it's entirely the result of mathematical number crunching! These starburst lights in the night sky could be shooting stars or perhaps an alien intelligence. Great for a logo or packaging.
Christmas Lily
Tawny Blue Lily
Close Encounters
Delicate pink and magenta threads form complex twinned spirals against a pale pink background. This starburst in delicate tones of blue and magenta has an ethereal, almost organic feel and a strong sense of movement. It suggests fireworks and celebrations. A dust cloud of angry red atoms? This fractal pretty much defies description, but if you're looking for something kind of strange and grungy, it just might fill the bill.
Inner Space
Confetti Star
Asteroid Belt on White
This brilliant spiral of lines and rays in rainbow hues against a deep black background resembles a fringe of eyelashes or a delicate creature. This feathery fractal image in shades of blue, cyan, purple, and magenta on white is suggestive of icy fingers of frost and the shivery cold of winter. Here are some sizzling green and yellow pyrotechnics to mark July 4th, Canada Day, Halloween, or other holidays and happy occasions. You can almost hear the oohs and aahs as screamers and roman candles pierce the sky!
Rainbow Wink
Frost on White
Fireworks Two
A vibrant rainbow colored swoosh or flourish against a deep black background. These festive fireworks in gold and purple provide a lively way to celebrate holidays and happy occasions, from July 4th to Halloween. Here's a glittery Christmas star or ornament with a funky, alternative, grunge feel.
Rainbow Swoosh on Black
Deck the Halls
This intense prism of rainbow hues against a deep black background would make a great logo or design element for packaging materials. If you see a churning cloud of fear, anxiety, and despair in this image, you wouldn't be the first. This fractal is full of heat and turmoil, and has an ominous brooding quality. This glowing blue cross surrounded by sparkling golden rays of light has Christian connotations and would be appropriate for Christmas or Easter.
Pinpoint Rainbow
High Anxiety
North Star
With orange, yellow, and blue fire colors, this bright flame flickers with a life of its own. On a plain black background, it is a light in the darkness. This abstract red Christmas star or ornament is sharp and spiky and has a jagged, edgy grunge feel to it. This feathery blue and lavender three-armed spiral glows against its black background. Look closely -- there are spirals spinning off spirals. What a great graphic design element or logo for some forward-thinking organization!
Flame Two
Grunge Christmas Star
For some, this wreath of fractal twigs suggests a crown of thorns or other Christian icons. Others just see the stark bare branches and grey and white of winter. Translucent and glowing with an inner light, this mesmerizing orange star has a delicate knitted or woven texture and a slightly Moorish feel. Fine white threads give the piece an almost smocked appearance. A glowing trail of shooting stars, in a purple haze, streaks across the night sky in this popular sci-fi image.
Thornbush on White
Zig Zag Star
Shooting Stars
This isn't really a mandala, but it does have strong radial symmetry, and the delicate blue and cream petal shapes of this fractal kaleidoscope lend it an organic star flower feel. This low-key image in neutral tones of gold, grey, beige, and brown is suggestive of birds and their feathered wings and plumage. For some, it may evoke thoughts of autumn, death, decay, and the cycle of life. This low-key image in neutral tones of gold, grey, beige, and brown features a layered angular center surrounded by feathery tufts.
Tawny Blue Lily Mandala
Dead Robin
Spirals of translucent pearly spheres unfurl, like ferns or peapods, against a a deep black background. Yet again, fractal art emulates the natural world! This abstract fractal image, in the fresh green tones of delicate new growth, resembles young ferns or fiddleheads unfurling. A great way to herald spring. Convey love and romance with this dramatic heart shape, draped in scarf-like veils of blue, purple, magenta, and red, against a pure white background.
Pearl Curls
Fiddlehead Forest
Heartache in White
Swirls of pink, blue, purple, magenta, and lavender flow around a strong central heart shape, evoking love, romance, and — perhaps — a touch of chaos. This vibrant red heart set against a white background offers a powerful way to convey love and romance. Use it for Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries, of any time you need to say These multi-colored sharp prickly spines could be lightning, a spiky plant, or even needles of despair. In any case, they're strongly evocative of pain, discomfort, and anxiety.
Have a Heart (White)
A vibrant rainbow colored swoosh or flourish against a pure white background. Streamers of orange, blue, and purple emanate from a mesmerizing black hole, in this image evocative of a gas cloud or energy field. Great for sci-fi themes! Shades of blue, cyan, purple, magenta, and red mingle in this abstract fractal suggestive of an electrical storm or lightning. Great for space or sci-fi themes!
Rainbow Swoosh on White
Gas Cloud
Eye of the Storm
This mandala-like fractal daisy has strong radial symmetry and translucent magenta petals around a glowing violet center. This lovely fractal contains sweeping radial curves strongly suggestive of flower petals, such as lilies or violets. This image shimmers with iridescent tones of green and blue and is suggestive of peacock, parakeet, or parrot feathers. Its lovely wing shape evokes birds in flight.
Fractal Daisy
Lily Montage
This unusual fractal render resembles a plump green caterpillar, the delicate growth of new ferns, or even a wave cresting. Look closely — it's edged with baby spirals. Blue and white sparks hiss and crackle in this fractal suggestive of an energy field, electrical storm, or lightning. You can almost feel the power! All the colors of the rainbow mingle in this fractal potpourri, which resembles a casual scattering of flower petals, angel wings, or, perhaps, a tissue paper collage.
This beautiful unraveling fractal ribbon, in delicate tones of purple, blue, cyan, and magenta, resembles a rose or flower in bloom. Swirling spiral galaxies in cyan, magenta, yellow, and orange make this image great for illustrating space or sci-fi themes! Ferns or cedar boughs appear against bark or a wood like maple or mahogany in this abstract fractal with naturalistic motifs.
Fractal Rose
Spiral Galaxy
Leaftips in Forest